Welcome to the Dragon Fly Soaring Club!

The Dragon Fly Soaring Club (DFSC) is an award-winning chapter of the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA), now in its 20th season of operation. We are located at Cloud 9 Field West airport (46MI), near Webberville, Michigan. The mission of the DFSC is to maintain and preserve its home flying site, to encourage the development of new pilots and club members, and to promote the continuous improvement of flying skills and safety of its members. Cloud 9 Hang Gliding serves DFSC students and members by providing tandem discovery flights for first-timers, a complete training program for students, tows to release altitude for pilots, and new and used hang gliding equipment for students and pilots. Check out our web site to learn more about the DFSC and how to learn to fly! Information about Cloud 9 Hang Gliding is posted on their Cloud 9 Hang Gliding facebook page.


Discovery Tandems

Everyone dreams of flying like a bird at some point in their life. We can help you fulfill that dream! Come fly with us and discover what hang gliding is about first hand. We're confident you will never forget it!


Fly Tandem!

Learn To Fly

Ready to take the next step and begin training to become a hang glider pilot? We've been teaching pilots how to fly since the '70s. Become a USHPA rated pilot!



Cloud 9, our home flying site, is a privately-owned FAA restricted category airfield and is not open to the public. All DFSC members, students, and guests must call 517-223-8683 prior to coming out on every visit. Thanks! Click here to see map: http://www.dfscinc.org/info/map-to-cloud9